Life change through the lens


The power of a photograph to change a life

In India:

  • 1 in 6 girls have a chance of not seeing their 15th birthday,
  • The UN has named the country one of the most dangerous places in the world for a girl to grow up,
  • Less than half of the females will have a chance to attend secondary school.
  • Over half of the girls will get married before they are old enough to finish school.
  • There are over 500,000 underaged girls working in the commercial sex trafficking industry.

Research has found that regardless of culture, social status or economic well being, when children are exposed to the arts they stay in school longer, their communication skills accelerate, and their self worth/value skyrockets.  The list actually goes on with over 100 benefits from exposure to the arts.

Focus of a Child will be bringing the art of photography to two groups of students in Howrah India, a slum area on the outskirts of downtown Kolkata.  Three internationally acclaimed photographers will be teaching students not just the technical side of photography but they will allow the students to discover the true art of photography.  Soon the students will begin to see their world through a new lens. One that will spark creativity, joy and give them a new source of communication.

The initial roll out of the Focus of a Child program will include two groups of children. The first will be a group of 25 students attending HB school in Howrah that will consist of children, mostly females ranging from 12-15.  This is a true make it or break it time in an Indian child’s life.  Being involved in the arts can be a major catalyst to a child “making it” Our second group of children consists of 6 daughters of parents who currently are working in the commercial sex trade industry.  These girls are at a critical tipping point in their life.  Gaining new skills, self confidence and pride for their family can give them the opportunity to break the family cycle of being a prisoner in the life crushing sex trade industry.

 A camera WILL make a difference. YOU can make a difference.  We need your help to impact a student by providing support in obtaining the cameras needed for each student.  Your donation will give each student the opportunity to have a personal camera that they can use during the program.  If we make our goal the students will be able to bring home their camera and tell THEIR story through the images they will capture each evening and will not need to share the camera with other students.   

You have the opportunity to put a camera into the hands of a child. Your gift, your thoughtful gesture, can unlock the gate of hope for many, trapped in a world of hopeless poverty. Your donation will make this a reality. Imagine the joy that a camera will bring to each child; enabling them to gain new skills, increase self-confidence; and experience a new found self-worth.



Sarah Dawson
She’s a dreamer, traveler and championne.  She’s also a photographer.  Prefers real moments, genuine people, hearing long life stories over libations and is rapt with the desire to create honest emotive imagery that transcends time.

An International award winning photographer, her work has been published in the New York Times, VANITY FAIR, Under the Gum Tree and Paris Lit Up.  She began her work in 2005 and specializes in wedding, portrait and fine art commissions. 

When she isn't traversing the globe she can be found in Oakland, California.


Steve Batz
Steve is an accomplished and published photographer with 30 years behind the lens. His images have been found in many of the top music magazines, Album covers and artwork, newspapers and online throughout the web. Steve’s ability to capture emotion at just the right moment has allowed him to travel the world as a humanitarian project photographer for both World Vision, and Compassion International, two of the largest humanitarian relief organizations.

Steve is a husband to one, father of two and a friend of many. He resides in Granite Bay California, with his wife and two daughters. 


Mark Behrens
Mark has been shooting high-quality photographs for over twenty years. Always interested in teaching others the art of good photography, he began conducting workshops emphasizing the various aspects of photography. These workshops have now been attended by thousands of amateur and professional photographers from around the world. As well, he reaches thousands of photographers through his website, 

When not working in the studio or conducting workshops throughout the United States, Mark spends most of his free time with his wife and their four children. Together, they enjoy boating, camping, hiking and riding quads in the mountains near their home in Redding, California.

So many stories need to be told, none more than the stories of the marginalized children. 1 out every 6 children on the earth today lives in India and a large number of them live in extreme poverty. We know that the best way to bring someone out of poverty is through education and it has been proven in recent studies that exposure to the arts positively affects a child’s education.

The documentary “Focus Of A Child” tells the story of children who have been awakened to a better future through an exposure to the world of photography. Join three accomplished photographers as they journey to Kolkata India and work with a struggling school inside the Pikhana slums as well as an established center in the brothel district of Kolkata that works with the children living inside this community.

Our goal is to no way sensationalize or exploit these children’s station or way of life, our goal is to show the hope that exists in these kids, the hope of a better future. See the spark of life that photography can give, see how a small piece of metal and plastic can change a life.

Please join us as a financial partner to change the life of so many.



Focus of a Child would not be possible without our generous sponsors.  If you or your company would like to partner with us please contact us at 530.535.8285.

Please help us in supporting the mission and cause of The Focus of a Child program. Focus of a Child is a project of Zedbridge, a 501(C)3 organization [ EIN 471895963 ]. Your tax deductible donation will have a life long impact on a child.

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